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Michael Homes Inc Residential Infill Developments

Michael Homes Inc Residential Infill Developments

Edmonton Home Builders


The demand is on, as home buyers seek out new homes in old mature neighborhoods.  they want to get close to all amenities as much as possible.  The only hindrance is that these mature neighborhoods and mostly all areas surrounding it already have a home built on every block. Vacant land can be very  scarce the closer you get the the city center.

But not to worry because  Michael Homes Inc have already anticipated this kind of demand. By utilising  the residential infill option Michael Home Inc develop properties by knocking old worn out homes and building new modern energy efficient homes in their place. They are able to secure the strategic location and offer their clients with a brand new and modernised home.



This is what Michael Homes Inc. did with their latest residential infill project called
“The Oliver”. (top photos)  Great design, excellent quality and skilled  craftsmanship make “The Oliver” already extremely desirable.  Then add in the location, and you have got yourself a property that ticks all the box’s.  Situated in Ritchie, Edmonton, “The Oliver” offers home buyers the chance to live close to Edmonton’s major establishments, offices, and amenities.


Edmonton Home Builders Residential Infill Developments Ritchie


New homes like “The Oliver” attract first time home buyers, working individuals, working couples, and families.

The money that you will spend on homes like this will be all worth it.

The location alone is worth every penny that you shed out on it.

The ease and comfort of living close to city’s amenities are worth the price.









There are people who would rather buy an old home and start a residential infill project from scratch.

This is a practical option as well, as long as you choose a good home builder for the infill project.

For instance, if you hire Michael Homes, Inc. for your residential infill project, you will just have to deal with one contractor.

Working with a builder who has already been down this same path before many many times.

Michael Homes Inc are custom home builders who can  undertake the complete project for you. 

(See gallery below)


Although the fact remains that some people would prefer starting an infill project, there are still more who prefer buying a completed infill. The advantage of buying completed residential infill projects like “The Oliver” is that the home is already set up and ready to be moved in.

The location is secured.  There is no need for you to do all that work,  spend long hours looking after the project. All the hard work has been done by the  builder.

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