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Our projects are built on the foundations of quality craftsmanship, unique design, open communication and environmentally conscious construction. Michael Homes custom and infill residences are built so that no two are ever the same. Each has its own distinctive personality that reflects the owner’s tastes and vision.

We believe in a flexible approach that allows us to efficiently manage projects large and small, from start to finish. Maybe you’re building from scratch, or perhaps you are tearing down and starting over again. Whatever it is that you’re planning and imagining, there’s really just one outcome you’re hoping for – you want to love the place where you live.

Edmonton Custom Home Builder

Edmonton Custom Home Builder

“We Don’t Build Houses. We build homes.”
– Michael Thibert

Innovation. Sustainability. Efficiency.

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Rebuilding Your Home in Fort McMurray

Rebuilding Your Home in Fort McMurray

Everything that we do has an impact and leaves a footprint, so we focus on building green because it’s important to us, and we know it’s important to our clients. We offer design ideas for eco-friendly homes that make financial sense. Green standards are now law for multi-home development, and single-family dwellings will follow soon.

Our eco-friendly solutions start in the project planning stages as we partner with you to find the balance between cost and vision. Every project is subjected to this process prior to client approval. At Michael Homes, green means more than quality control and expert craftsmanship; it means suggesting green and sustainable building options for your consideration.

Join the Green Revolution. Because it Pays to Go Green.

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Reduced Energy Costs

Overall reduction of energy consumption is the top reason for building a green or eco-friendly home. That translates into money savings for you and your family year after year. As an added bonus, it means a significant reduction in greenhouse gases and the use of non-renewable energy resources.

Higher Resale Value

Green homes have a higher resale value, based on reduced energy needs and lower overall operating costs. This is only going to increase values as time goes on, and environmentally conscious design becomes the standard to which all homes are built.

Decreased Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption not only saves you a great deal of money over the lifetime of your home, but water saving strategies for your residence actually reduce water pollution in local rivers and lakes in your community, and result in lower local infrastructure costs.

Longer Lasting Structures

Did you know that some recycled products have a longer lifespan than natural materials? Additionally, reusing materials and products can add to the longevity of your home and reduce yearly maintenance. This is yet another money saving feature of an eco-friendly home.

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