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Building Custom Homes in Edmonton & Fort McMurray

At Michael Homes Inc. we proudly service Edmonton & Fort McMurray. View our homes, see a few of our recent awards, & get in touch with us by selecting your location.


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Michael Homes,

Built For Your Family

Our strength lies in the versatility and expertise of our incredible team.


There are many companies that build houses,

We Build Homes.


Our Values:

We believe in a flexible approach that allows us to efficiently manage projects large and small, from start to finish. Maybe you’re building from scratch, or perhaps you are tearing down and starting over again. Whatever it is that you’re planning and imagining, there’s really just one outcome you’re hoping for – you want to love the place where you live.


Are you looking for a new home builder in Edmonton who can help you build your dream home? Here we are! We are one of the best home builders that Edmonton has to offer. We bring captivating designs and insightful expertise in each of our projects.

Our philosophy

At Michael Homes, we believe that the only way to build a custom home is meticulous supervision. We pay attention to every detail and stay by your side at every step of the building process. You dream and we make it real!

Our craftsmanship

While talking about Edmonton new home builders, Michael Homes is the first name that comes to mind. We offer you homes that are one-of-its-kind and are built with the top-of-the-line building materials, personalized service and the highest level of architectural talent. We offer innovative designs that are stylish and elegant, while being functional and comfortable at the same time. We strive to satisfy our clients with our hard work and the best-in-class designs. Trust us and we will prove that we are far better than the other new home builders.

Why choose Michael Homes as your home builder?

  • Special attention to all your needs
  • Customized features
  • Friendly staff
  • Perfect supervision
  • Get exactly what you ask for
  • Stunning designs
  • Affordable services

We are passionate in what we do. We are dedicated to building homes that meet all the needs of each of the families that we work with. Each step of the home building process is done with perfection. We see your dream of having a home of your own as ours and we contribute toward making it just the way you have imagined.

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Build for your family, with Michael Homes

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Built For Your Family.

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