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Rebuilding after the Fort McMurray Wildfires? Choose a Custom Built Home

Rebuilding after the Fort McMurray Wildfires? Choose a Custom Built Home

Construction companies and home builders are already assembling to help restore Fort McMurray, which as most of us already know, was recently ravished by devastating wildfires. This is going to be an enormous effort that’s expected to take years to complete.

When international oil prices buckled in late 2014, the days of the profitable billion-dollar construction projects were thought to be over. Yet after enduring countless layoffs, and thousands of canceled or postponed developments, the rebuild of 10 percent of Fort McMurray may be just the thing that Alberta’s economy needs.

As a matter of fact, many experts and analysts are estimating that the reconstruction effort will add over a billion dollars to Alberta’s economy in 2017, giving a huge boost to the province’s overall economic growth. With over 2,000 buildings damaged or destroyed, some are predicting that the rebuilding will last well into the 2020’s.

Developers and home builders have already started their hiring spree. It is even likely that wages will rise as companies try to attract workers quickly. Countless contractors were forced to leave Fort McMurray when oil prices collapsed, and this could lead to a shortage of labour: especially since the construction of 1,000 homes will be needed almost immediately.

So, while most local home building companies involved in the Fort McMurray rebuild are attempting to hire within the city, some of the more savvy businesspeople are recruiting sub-contractors from places like Edmonton for help.

When should I hire a custom home builder?

Our recommendation is that you hire your builder early in the process so that they can help monitor and control the cost of the project. Negotiate how the builder will be compensated up front and rely on the builder’s expertise when dealing suppliers and subcontractors rather than bidding the project to multiple parties. A custom home also requires that you work with a proposed budget in mind.

A quality custom home builder likely has existing relationships with contractors and first-hand experience with their construction quality, communication skills, and business practices. Don’t forget that even though an insurance company may recommend a particular builder, it is ultimately up to the homeowner to choose who gets the job, so you shouldn’t let someone else dictate this important decision for you.

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What do I look for in a custom home builder?

The right builder needs to have the time, interest, communication skills, organization skills, financial resources and experience to build your new home. A custom home builder’s primary focus should be on building custom homes so that their services are tailored to your needs. Remember, a well-qualified home builder does not need to be a large, showy company with a hundred trucks on the road and a massive marketing budget.

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The following 8 items will help you create a solid shortlist of candidates when choosing a custom home builder:

  1. Organizational skills.
  2. Client references.
  3. Time management skills.
  4. Understanding of project workflows.
  5. Specializing in building custom homes.
  6. A current resume of projects.
  7. Track record with projects of similar scale and detail.
  8. Communication abilities.

To speak with us in regards to your custom home project, please contact Michael Homes Inc. today. Whether you prefer phone, in-person or online assistance, we’re always here to help.

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