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What’s the Upside of Living in an Urban Area?

What’s the Upside of Living in an Urban Area?

Living in close proximity to the downtown core has many lifestyle benefits associated with it. The largest draw for people is often the convenient proximity to amenities – such as coffee shops, convenience stores, and restaurants – all within a short walking distance. Many business professionals also cite the easy access to the business district as a huge advantage.

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This is in addition to the shorter commute times, and better public transportation alternatives that established inner-city communities also enjoy. City slickers also get to reap the benefits of mature tree lined streets and diverse architectural detail.

The Advantages of Urban Living

Check out some of the financial, cultural and lifestyle benefits of living in the city below:

  • Attractions and Entertainment: Whether it is green space, museums, theatre, music venues or other cultural attractions, most cities have an array of options for spending your free time. Many cities have cultural programs, free or affordable options and incentives to enjoy the entertainment and attractions available. Among the skyscrapers, stores, and office buildings, the entertainment and culture in cities can be a big reason to settle there. Some cities are growing faster than others.
  • Social Networking: With thousands and even millions of people living in close proximity, cities have unlimited social potential for friends and networking. While those with similar interests or backgrounds separate into many neighbourhoods, cities also experience great diversity in common spaces. Urban life offers a chance to broaden your professional contacts and personal relationships.
  • Restaurants and Shopping: Large urban areas offer other experiences that may not be available in small towns as well. From ethnic food stores and restaurants to boutiques and specialty department stores, living in the city provides unique dining and shopping experiences.
  • Medical Care and Services: Living in a city allows the opportunity to get care in a major medical institution and services and assistance for seniors. Getting help in a large city can occur more quickly and even more specialized in a city rather than suburbia or a rural area.
  • Public Transportation: Access can be considered the main perk of living in an urban centre. While cost of parking can be expensive in the city, many urban dwellers ditch the cars and high gas, insurance and maintenance prices for traveling by foot, bike or public transit. Most large cities boast bus or train systems that run regularly and offer affordable rates that allow residents the opportunity to be mobile. This can make traveling from one location to another much more convenient and cost-effective.