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Your Home, Your Way

Your Home, Your Way

Michael Homes is a custom home builder located in the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood of Edmonton, Alberta. We build around six homes per year, most of which fall into the infill category. Our projects are built on the foundations of quality craftsmanship, unique design, open communication and environmentally conscious construction.

There are three distinct categories of home builders: High volume builders, semi-custom builders, and dedicated custom builders like ourselves. Michael Homes custom and infill residences are built so that no two are ever the same. Each has its own distinctive personality that reflects the owner’s tastes and vision.

We believe in a flexible approach that allows us to efficiently manage projects large and small, from start to finish. Maybe you’re building from scratch, or perhaps you are tearing down and starting over again. Whatever it is that you’re planning and imagining, there’s really just one outcome you’re hoping for – you want to love the place where you live.

We do it your way.

So what? Some Say. All builders do that, right? Oh no, they don’t!

We focus on the people, not the money, and this is how we see ourselves, as consultants first – not salespeople! We start with the must have before the nice to have because at the end of the day our customers are the ones that have to afford it. That means that before we go to cosmetics designs like cabinets, flooring and fixtures, first we need to have a good floor plan that includes all what the client need and want, which leads to major component and structure decisions, such as:

  • Foundation
  • Insulation
  • Windows

With around 30,000 components in each house to build there is a lot of work and stress involved and many decisions to make. That’s why we build strong relationships with our clients and educate them on how everything works and comes together. Building a home is a major project, and the journey requires the highest degree of communication and transparency from both sides – on our side and the client side as well.

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We do it all your way! And because we build homes not just houses, we do our best to make sure our clients’ dreams come true.

Simply put, we do a good job – a darn good job!

Thank you for reading our blog. Are you thinking of building a new home or renovating your current one? Contact Michael Homes Inc. today.